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Holistic Health



Naturopathy is an eclectic mix of techniques and therapies, utilised in a structured and natural way to improve and support your health and well being.

We focus on the root cause of an issue not the presenting symptom. A naturopath always wants to know "why".

At Find the Thyme we focus on you as a whole and as an individual., we consider your nutrition, physical activity, sleep quality and social engagements amongst other elements that make you, YOU.


"Okay let's discuss your diet..."Everyone groans when you mention food, automatically assuming the first piece of advice will be a painful diet adjustment. This does not have to be the case, you are all individuals and food plays a big part in our lives and will be considered differently for everyone.

More often than not it's about getting the balance right, being organised and understanding why we need what we need.

My role here is to teach, suggest and supply you with information not to make you regret your life choices!

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